Thursday, December 11, 2008

Remember when ...

... Gordon Brown as Chancellor of the Exchequer used to lecture his colleagues in the European Union about sensible and prudent economic policies. A great many people (few of them in the meida) realized at the time that his own would not stand up to much scrutiny and a crisis would hit Britain badly.

Well, it has and Prime Minister Brown is now, rather humiliatingly, being lectured on his crass and irresponsible Keynesianism. German finance minister, Peer Steinbruck went for the jugular in an interview for Newsweek.

This bodes ill for the European Council (not Summit as the news story erroneously describes it) opening today. More on that, as it progresses and as I finish day jobbing.

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Anonymous said...

re Europe:as the party will apparenty lose 10-115% of their natural voters to the UK independence party at the next election is it not time that the conservatives stopped shooting themselves in the foot and shot this fox instead by promising to hold a cost/benefit analysis of our membership of this club of mainly ex fascist and ex communist states? Thereby letting in some fresh air to british politics and maybe a touch of democracy? (sorry for the dirty word).