Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Energy, foreign policy and that presidential election

Among the various smears and attacks on the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, Governor Sarah Palin (discussed at length in this highly entertaining posting) the one that could hurt her and Senator McCain is her apparent lack of experience in foreign policy.

Actually, the Vice President needs to have no preliminary experience in foreign policy as that remains the President's domain with the help or hindrance of the Secretary of State. Furthermore, lack of experience is not something the Democrats should be throwing around too much, given whom they have at the top of their ticket. Obama has realized this and so has, reluctantly, his campaign. His supporters in the MSM and the left-wing blogosphere, on the other hand, live in a bubble of their own and consider everyone outside it to be too stupid for words.

In any case, this is not precisely true. The lady has worked on energy and foreign policy matters, the two being closely intertwined, as the Conservatives are going to find out when they become the government.

Jim Bennett, author of "The Anglosphere Challenge" has an article in today's Daily Telegraph that outlines the story of Sarah Palin, Alaskan oil and the Canadian pipeline. It paints a very different picture of the "hockey mom". Inexperienced she ain't; a walk-over she ain't. But then the Democrats have realized this.

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