Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another success for the Home Office

This is being reported in various outlets but Hot Air is particularly succinct, though they get the information from the Daily Telegraph.
A Dutch poll taken February 7 showed his party in third place behind the Christian Democrats and Labour. Three days later, the Brits banned him from the UK. The latest Dutch poll, taken February 28: Wilders’s party 27, Christian Democrats 26, Labour 21.
The chances are Geert Wilders's party would have gained in popularity anyway but the Home Office deciding that an elected politician from a free and democratic country should not be allowed into Britain because the people he is accusing of violent attacks on all opposition might .... turn violent undoubtedly brought the man a good deal of support.


Rebecca said...

I want you to know, that just made my evening.

Alfred the Ordinary said...

But surely, as Mr Straw said in the Guardian on Friday

“Since 1997, we have done more to extend freedoms than any government before.”

Therefore keeping Mr Wilders out helped us all; didn't it?

It is a truism that when you continuously practice deceit, you end up deceiving yourself, and that is what has happened to this government. They seem to have got to the point where they actually believe some of the things that they are saying.

(PS. I value your contributions on EUREF and would be pleased to see them continue)

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