Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gaza remains a humanitarian disaster

As the Israeli election is drawing to a close with Tzipi Livni and the Kadima slightly ahead of Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud though the final coalition government remaining uncertain, we are getting a good deal of weeping from the brigade of sentimentalists who have managed to convince themselves that they are thinking about the unfortunate Palestinian people, who, one may add, do not have the rights and privileges that Arabs in Israel enjoy. Hint: they, too, have been taking part in a free election.

To some extent these people are right: Gaza remains a humanitarian disaster area and will be that while Hamas remains in charge. After the story of Hamas stealing at gunpoint the aid brought in by UNWRA, we now hear that even Amnesty has had enough.

Rick Moran on American Thinker links to Ynetnews. Reuters reports it, too, as do many others.
Amnesty International said on Tuesday Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip had carried out killings, torture and abductions of people accused of helping Israel, during and after the recent Israeli offensive. At least two dozen men have been shot dead by Hamas gunmen and scores of others have been shot in the legs, knee-capped or injured in other ways intended to cause permanent disability, the human rights group said.

Others have been severely beaten, tortured or ill-treated, it said in a report.

Most were abducted from their homes and later dumped, dead or injured, in isolated areas, or found in the morgue of one of Gaza's hospitals. Some were shot dead in hospitals where they were receiving treatment for injuries, Amnesty said.
Yes, well, a good deal of this was reported during the last Gaza conflict but, somehow or other, ignored by the weeping NGOs and much of the big media. But better late than never, I suppose.

Rick Moran is less charitable. Why is Amnesty not interested, he wonders, when Hamas attacks Israelis? Could there be a double standard here? Certainly. There could and there is but, at least, we are told about Hamas's murder and torture of other Palestinians. We rarely hear about that. It's a start.


Anonymous said...

Yes, there are definitely things going on in Gaza that ought to interest human rights activists, such as this:

(Warning: the two first video clips are very explicit)

Just Like Us!

and this

Unconventional use of high rise building

But what about the ruins, the starvation and the lack of fuel?

Obviously, there are many destroyed buildings after the recent round of fighting, but when our always objective media is trying to portray Gaza as a heap of ruins more like Hamburg or Berlin post WW II, then they are not "quite" accurate. But why not decide for yourself whether to believe the MSM or your own lying eyes.

Note the multitude of donkeys and camels in the streets in the clip from the russian TV - post Operation Cast Lead:

Hamas fires from foreign press building in Gaza

Caught in the conflict

Impoverished Gaza

One cannot decide from these pictures whether there is a portion of the population suffering from lack of food, water and medicine or not. But what one can say is that even in an "overcrowded hell-hole" like Gaza it is evident that the tranzis, the international journalists, and some local dignitaries have found ways to protect their animal comforts.

One must sincerely hope that the next multi million dollar aid package does not by-pass them, so that they will be able to maintain their standard of living. /sarc


Helen said...

A calculation of who was killed in Gaza and how many of them were "civilians" here:

Interestingly enough, the figures are not quite what Hamas and its spokespeople as well as the MSM (but I repeat myself) said.

Here is a picture of one such civilian:

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