Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is to be done?

It is curious, but having hated Chernyshevsky's seminal and unbelievably bad novel of that name and having struggled through Lenin's seminal and unbelievably badly written study that is at least shorter than the novel, also of that name, I find myself quoting that question over and over again.

In this case, the question is about the BrugesGroupBlog and its role in the eurosceptic and related political struggle.

I started it some months ago as a parallel outlet to EUReferendum, where I can post short (and not so short sometimes) pieces that would link to news stories to do with the EU, Britain's role in the world and the never-ending villainy of tranzis. The idea behind it was that the blog would, at some point, become part of a structured research programme for the Bruges Group. Alas, the latter is not going to happen as the powers that be at the Group have decided otherwise. Eventually, some decision will be taken but it will not be in favour of the research programme I proposed.

So, now I am faced with the problem of what is to be done with the BrugesGroupBlog. Solutions?


Anonymous said...

How come I can post a comment here, Helen?

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...


I think that EUReferendum is the best blog in the UK. Richard's posts are generally informed and often funny and I value all of them. I also value yours. But with EURef, "Umbrella", Defence of the Realm and this blog, why can't you all come to some sort of agreement and merge into a decent single blog? Posts can be "tagged" if required.

I have felt this for a long time.

Secondly, the comment system that's been setup via "Umbrella" seems a poor substitute to a proper comment system on a blog (e.g. Atlantic etc.). On top of this, I can't seem to register at Umbrella (activation email never seems to arrive).

Please - group or merged blog with a proper comment system.


Anonymous said...

Helen, I fully agree that a more coherent approach to research would be useful, also a place to store the results in an easily accessible fashion.
If you've got any ideas as what a research based site should be, then let me know and we'll see if we can realize them.

Jabba the Cat said...

Too much fragmentation. Stick to EU Ref. I often forget about this place as there are too many blogs to visit anyway.

Anonymous said...

I read EURef several times a week.

I like the well-researched pieces on various topics - including military matters.

I would like to see a normal "in-line" comment feature like most blogs have.

I have never seen this bruges blog before today. Dump it and improve the main EUref blog.

And thanks for your work.

Vote Derek Bennett Walsall South said...

Dear Helen, the Bruges Group does sterling work but it is seen by many as too Tory orientated and, sadly, the word of the Tory leadership can never be trusted as far as the EU is concerned. Whereas the EU Referendum blog just attacks all silly nonsense wherever it comes from - Richard takes no prisoners.

I only occasionally look at this blog, usually when you do a link from EU Referendum, however, I look at the EU Referendum blog on average three times a day (sad 'innit!). That must say something.

Anonymous said...

What Derek said

Rebecca said...

I may be in the minority here, but I for one would hate to see this blog go. I check EUReferendum regularly, but there's something nice about having just your reflections here when we're lucky enough to get a post. The ease of commenting on this blog (as opposed to EURef) and the sort of privacy, or lack of lengthy forum-type discussions is much appreciated, too - at least, by me.

William Gruff said...

I can do no better than to endorse Rebecca's comment heartily.

Please do not give up Helen.

Anonymous said...

It would be sad to lose another outlet for information and comment on the iniquities of the EU, please keep it up if possible. Your blog has a different feel to EU REferendum and they complement each other.
I would hope that the Bruge Group can maintain an EU sceptic viewpoint as opposition to the Cameron stance is greatly needed.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @0748:

Aren't you a big brave blouse then!...Did you snigger too?

Anonymous said...

Helen, I am not unaware of the hard work, time & sheer dedication involved in this, your very own blog...and you have my admiration, not least for persistence.
I have never in my life been a proponent of 'giving up'...it is so easy.
Rather to look at what you have done, be pleased with the results but be practical & ask yourself where you could have the louder voice.
My own feeling is that the louder voice is at EUReferendum where you already post with, maybe, better exposure than here...perhaps with the 'comments' question being happily resolved...
Whatever, all power to your elbow!

Helen said...

Late back from Oxford. I shall reply at length tomorrow, by which time there might be other comments.

Anonymous said...

From a selfish perspective, I don't mind what you do as long as you keep blogging on blogs that provide an RSS feed.

It's not a good idea to fragment too much but a blog does need an overarching theme. I don't like the umbrella blog concept, which mixes posts I want with posts I don't and with posts I'm already getting through other subscriptions.