Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And they will achieve this how?

On CentreRight, the new(ish) group blog on Conservative Home Jim McConalogue tells us that if the Tories offered to renegotiate those EU treaties they would reap an electoral advantage. This is what a new Global Vision poll tells them.
If you hadn’t seen it already over the past few days, Global Vision has commissioned a poll, producing some really interesting and significant results. When people were asked of Britain’s ideal relationship with Europe, most opted for having a looser relationship with the EU based on trade and cooperation whilst opting out of political and economic union – 41% preferred this option, compared with 27% wishing to stay a full EU member and 26% wishing to withdraw altogether.
And they will achieve this how? I bet that poll did not explain how those changes in relationship can be made - through an IGC and a new treaty, which will have to be approved unanimously.

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