Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If you weren't there ...

.... you missed what must have been quite an entertaining evening. Sadly, I could not attend the meeting organized by Open Europe and Policy Exchange jointly and announced rather late. Declan Ganley of the Irish think-tank/campaigning organization Libertas spoke about the campaign in Ireland, the referendum and whither now.

Of course, he has no real idea of whither now because it will not depend on Ireland but the EU and other member states, such as the Czech Republic. Mr Ganley is not a stron euro-sceptic - his thinking is not dissimilar to that of Open Europe, in that he thinks this is an opportunity to reform the European Union, which is going the "wrong" way. That assumes that the "right" way was more or less what people like Mr Ganley had evisaged. Sadly, the truth is that the EU is going the way it was always intended to go.

Michael White in the Guardian gives a sarcastic account of the meeting but the comments so far seem not to be on his side. A hint Mr White: it is not a good idea to talk about numbers being for or against the Constitutional Reform Lisbon Treaty as most of those people are not being given a chance to vote on it. It is quite extraordinary that the europhiliacs do not seem to understand that the public is not buying into that specious argument.

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