Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A new venture

It is, we feel, high time that the Bruges Group, the leading eurosceptic think-tank, had a blog of its own. In a way, this is a spin-off from the EUReferendum blog but it will be run a little differently. The aim is to have shorter postings and more links - a kind of nexus of news and information about the EU, Britain's role in the world, those lovable transnational organizations and a favourite topic of ours: the Anglosphere.

Longer analysis, for the time being, will remain the preserve of EUReferendum but the great beauty of the blogosphere is that one never knows how a blog develops. In a couple of months' time, this may be a more analytical blog, or a group blog or any number of other things.

In the meantime, please spread the word about the new kid on the block (or is that blog?)


The Democracy Movement said...

Congrats ... sounds good. Have linked.


Helen said...

I shall be sorting links later on, though most of those I shall have are on the Bruges Group website, anyway. Thanks for the good wishes.

John Page said...

Look forward to more of your acerbic erudition. :)

Helen said...

Um, thank you. Well, I think it's a compliment.