Monday, October 27, 2008

Bruges Group dinner this evening

The Bruges Group will be commemorating the Bruges speech with a special dinner this evening in the presence of Lady Thatcher herself. Main speaker will be Lord Tebbit and there is a video of Vaclav Klaus, everybody's favourite European politician addressing the event.

This is rather late in the day but one or two of our readers might be interested in finding out whether there are any tickets left. If you are, don't bother me. I have nothing to do with that. Get in touch with Robert Oulds on 020 7287 4414 or

Anyway, I shall write about it tomorrow so you will know what you have missed.


Anonymous said...

Please can we have your report? I enjoyed the vid (Lord T's mistake aside) but would love to hear your take.

Helen said...

Sorry. Will do. Other matters have intervened. :(