Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who will ...

... sponsor on-line debates of such seriousness in this country? Can't be expensive. Not on-line. Come to think of it, will anyone sponsor a website on which such debates can be conducted? Because, you see, the present tumult and shouting will die (I am still voting present on what to do about the economic mess beyond saying tentatively, get rid of all politicians) but the need to understand politics at its widest will remain. The Right in Britain should be thinking about this but is not.

Yes, I know, it has been cross-posted from EUReferendum but the subject needs to be discussed on as many forums as possible.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Helen, shouldn't be difficult to set something up on the umbrellog server. Would you want it under umbrellog auspices, or would you prefer a separate unaligned address?
As to design we could imitate their lay-out or try for our own if you've any ideas to explore.
The main thing I can't do is get the guest essays, but that I guess is very much your forte?
I'll handle the tech if you'll do the content?
As ever,
Sandy R.

Helen said...

Errm, Sandy, I am not sure I understand any of that. Must read it a few more times and then I shall get in touch directly, though other people are welcome to chip in here. To be quite candid, I am not greatly enamoured with umbrellog as it has developed. Still, I imagine something can be done.