Monday, October 6, 2008

Dear, oh dear

Errm, have you seen the news official CCHQ blog, called, in a burst of originality, The Blue Blog? This is the Conservative Party deciding to come into the twenty-first century and admitting that there is a blogosphere out there.

They haven't quite got it. Not just because the blog is truly bad - badly laid out, ridiculous in content (Who on earth is Shazia Awan and why is she allowed to write that sort of celeb-magazine style rubbish?) and infrequent in appearance. They have also not understood the point of the blogosphere. Its purpose is not to produce official party propaganda though, obviously, some will or to gush about the leader or to preen oneself about how savvy and yoof-oriented one is. The blogosphere, as it exists in the United States and as it will, I sincerely hope, one day exist here, is there to provide a different and balancing point of view from the political establishment.

But then, what can one expect from a party that is apparently supporting the Chancellor's plan to part-nationalize the big banks?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Helen!

As I watched over the year since 1999, blogs here in the states grew like children, a little bit at a time. During their growth their "personalities" and reputations became established. The best ones use at least some logic and (most importantly) can back up conclusions based on facts that can be presented by linked material, Google/Yahoo references, etc. And most of these blogs were started by private individuals, I think.

So, like Bruges and EU Referendum, blogs will surely gain readership in the UK. They are so darn informative and fun!

I have stopped purchasing the MSM rags. They have lost all credibility with me.

Excuse me for bloviating, Helen.

Helen said...

On the contrary, good to hear from you, maranna. I am very glad you are visiting this blog as well. It is absolutely essential that the blogosphere should grow on this side of the Pond and become important and independent. I do keep hearing similar comments about not paying attention to the MSM from people here but not nearly enough. Yet. ;-)