Monday, October 6, 2008

Hmm, about that foreign policy

Apologies if some of the postings on this blog veer towards American politics at the moment. In the last few weeks of the presidential and other electoral campaigns, developments over the Pond have become very important.

The Vice-Presidential debate has aroused a great deal of interest and excitement with the MSM or Big Media or drive-by media playing an ever more desperate and unpleasant role. As this is of vital importance in modern politics, I shall do a separate posting about that.

Now I just want to call attention to an interesting fact. It has been assumed by many of our political commentators and our own media, which tends to be ignorant at best about America and partial to the left most of the time (I don't mean just the BBC, either) that Sarah Palin is a ditzhead who says the cutest things about foreign policy.

This ignores Governor Palin's solid achievement in the Alaskan and Canadian pipeline negotiations and deliberately obfuscates on the subject of Senator Biden's knowledge as displayed by his statements. Experience he has none, having been a Senator for most of his life. But, as Rudy Giuliani said, when Biden says the cutest, people, especially in the media, just shrug their shoulders. That's just Joe, they say with a tolerant smile.

The Wall Street Journal, I am glad to say, does not have such double standards, probably because they want McCain-Palin to win. Here the editorial article analyzes the gaffes and/or lies that Senator Biden produced during that debate and which passed "unnoticed" by AP, CNN and others of that ilk.

The worst was his assertion that at some point America and France (huh?) managed to throw Hezbollah out of Lebanon. That would be news to the Lebanese, to Hezbollah and to the Israelis. There are other equally "cute" statements.

As the WSJ says:
We think the word "lie" is overused in politics today, having become a favorite of the blogosphere and at the New York Times. So we won't say Mr. Biden was deliberately making events up when he made these and other false statements. Perhaps he merely misspoke. In any case, Mrs. Palin may not know as much about the world as Mr. Biden does, but at least most of what she knows is true.
On the other hand, is there any evidence that Senator Biden knows anything about the world at all? And is there any evidence that our own ditzy journalists have even asked themselves that question?


nottoobrite said...

As Mrs.Palin says, "when I look out my Kitchen window I can see Russia". I don't think that Mr. Bidden quite know where the kitchen is.

Anonymous said...

You know, I took Governor Palin's comment about seeing Russia as a humorous one, a small joke.

If Palin meant that comment as a seriouss one, then she is a stupid woman. And she is not a stupid woman, by a long shot.

Biden, on the other hand, has made some gaffes that would choke a mammoth, yet he gets a slide by the MSM. Palin doesn't get that courtesy. Double standards, of course. Which is why I don't buy MSM newsprint, or watch ABC, NBC, CBS, or CNN (except for a laugh).

The big turkeys.

My contention is that Palin, even if she knows nothing of foreign policy, would still do a much better job than Biden. She is a quick study, and has some common sense.

I like that in a person.