Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The people have spoken

I am cross-posting this from EUReferendum with some changes:

I cannot pretend to be pleased at the result of the presidential election but the people of America have spoken. The fact that they have allowed themselves to be bamboozled by the big media is not an argument against democracy. Look at what we have elected from time to time. At least, it matters in the United States and President Obama is answerable to the people.

For the moment I don't know the exact results across the country and can only hope for the best: not a complete and unstoppable Democrat sweep because it is never a good thing to have one party completely in power.

Nor can one predict what will happen. As it has been pointed out we, quite literally, know nothing about the new president, who is almost pathological in his secretiveness. What we do know, his political allies and some of his pronouncements, for instance, do not fill one with any great joy. The fact that so many of our Conservatives are rejoicing in very big government win in the United States just indicates where their sympathies lie.

But there is no need to despair. Even President Obama and his minions will not be able to destroy America. The Right in that country, unlike here, will regroup and fight back. He may well over-reach in the first two years and then the Republicans will sweep back into Congress in 2010. I still predict President Palin in 2012. Despite the misogyny of the Left and of much of big media, that barrier will fall as well.

Oh, and by the way, anti-Americanism will revive just as soon as President Obama has to make a decision. As somebody said to me yesterday: just wait till he asks the Europeans to provide more troops in Afghanistan.

There will be some fun to be had out of European and, particularly, British disappointment. The Tories, in particular, will realize that this will not be the Obama they thought they knew.


Rebecca said...

Very pleased that you don't think he'll be able to completely destroy America just now. The Republicans at least have a fillibuster sized minority in the Senate, so that - presumably - if Obama wants to pass an "I'm Really, Really, Really Great and the College Indoctrinated Love Me and I Should Therefore Be President Forever" Act, they'll be able to delay it. ;)

As for 2010 and 2012, I too see (and hope for) a Republican sweep in Congress in two years, and into the White House in 2012 (preferably with a spectacular, Jimmy Carteresque crying-on-election-night landslide). However, I think Palin has been destroyed too much by the media and all its nonsense. Who the hell appointed Tina Fey et al the arbiters of what everyone should think and decide, I don't know, but the damage has been done. I'd really like to see Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal run, or perhaps Rudy Giuliani if he remembers to show up for the campaign this time.

Helen said...

Giuliani is finished. He does not want the presidency and that is that. Jindal is still young. I wouldn't despair for Palin. The euphoria will die and a lot of people will say what you are saying: who gave Tina Frey the right to decide? The popular vote is very close. This is no landslide, despite Obama spending three times as much as McCain and most of the media waging an extremely dishonest campaign on his behalf. Mind you, they will pay for this and my heart bleeds for them.