Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well, what now?

We all need to take stock and start regrouping, focusing and fighting the good fight. I have fired what I see as the first salvo, over on EUReferendum 2. I am not unhopeful, as I have said before. There is a deal of spoiling in a country like the US and it will survive and triumph, possibly sooner than we fear.

Our own position is parlous. We have allowed leadership on the right slip away to the Conservative Party who have been demonstrating beyond any doubt that they are not to be trusted with political ideas. The way forward will have to be without them. If they change their minds at some later stage and turn themselves into a real Conservative Party, they will be welcome to join. In the meantime, as I said in my posting, if this ship is to get anywhere or even to leave the harbour the Tory Socialists will have to walk the plank.

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