Thursday, November 6, 2008

President Medvedev does not seem to believe in hope and change

As I mentioned yesterday and as the Times reports this morning, President Medvedev seems to be immune to the delirium of hope and change. Hours after the world went into hysterics over the new President of very little achievement, he gave his first public address to the people of Russia.

In it he announced that in response to the missile defence system that is being built up in some of the East European countries, Russia will move short-range missiles into the Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg) enclave inside Germany.

The missile defence system was just that - defence and not really against Russia. Now, of course, there will be missiles against which Europe will have to defend itself. Rather like a parent saying to a child: "Stop that crying or I shall give you something to cry about". What is the EU's foreign policy going to say about that?

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Tony said...

Imagine my shock that Russia has taken this approach. Of course this is all the fault of we evil western, crypto-fascist, imperialist running dogs.

Naturally, Russian threats of targeting Poland with nuclear weapons, agitating unrest in the Crimea and intimidating Georgia is nothing more than an understandable response to NATO bullying and sabre rattling.

It is clear this forward looking and peaceful country rightly fears the evil western imperialists are surrounding mother Russia and transgressing her territorial ambitions - oops - sovereignty.