Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Whatever happens in the United States later today ...

... and, naturally, I hope that the American people will not submit to the MSM and Beltway establishment, the fight to overcome the insane anti-Americanism that has taken hold of this country as well as others on the Continent must continue.

When we have a situation in which something like 30 per cent say they believe America to be a greater danger to world peace than Iran, Iraq, China or North Korea, we have a serious problem. Incidentally, I wonder where those 30 per cent would prefer to spend time in, the United States or one of the other countries?

So we salute the new undertaking by Tim Montgomerie, America in the World, and intend to follow its development, as well as use its researches (and we hope they will use ours). We and America are part of the Anglosphere, a valid and strong antidote to the European Union with its outdated corporatist outlook.

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