Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vaclav Klaus's statement

As asked by the Czech Senate, the Constitutional Court of that country is looking at the Constitutional Reform Lisbon Treaty in order to assess whether its acceptance is in accordance with the Czech Constitution.

President Vaclav Klaus made a statement to the Court. While concentrating on legal argument, he, nevertheless outlined in an introductory paragraph the general situation:
However, it is evident, that we must not lose sight of the wider context. If this treaty comes into force, the international position as well as internal conditions within our state will change. Also the influence of our country on the decisions of the European Union will be weakened. All this would change the terms of our membership, which were approved by our citizens in the referendum on the EU Accession Treaty. The democratically established authorities of our state will be deprived of the right to decide on many areas of public life and this administration will be turned over to the EU authorities, which are not subjected to sufficient democratic control. In addition, the European Union authorities will be allowed to expand their own competencies over life in our country and its citizens at their will, even without our consent.
Read the whole speech - it is well worth it.


Anonymous said...

Excellent speech but according to Lubos Motl at the Reference frame the Constitutional Court decided that the treaty was consistent with the constitution.

Motl adds that assuming the parliament ratifies it (what are the odds??) Klaus will need to block it until and if the Irish decides to hold a new referendum.


Helen said...

Thanks, Mikgen. Blogged.