Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Groundhog day in Belgium

Blogging is still a little light as that paper finally reaches its conclusion. Still, one cannot pass by the Belgian government's resignation. It was something of a makeshift with agreements on the real problems between Flanders and Wallonia postponed until July 15. So, having achieved its real purpose - the signing and implementation of the Constitutional Reform Lisbon Treaty - the government resigned. International Herald Tribune has the story. EUReferendum had it yesterday.

Another story EUReferendum had yesterday was that the Polish President, after the usual huffing and puffing, seems likely to sign the legislation that ratifies that Treaty. There's a surprise. Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski denies that anything has been promised to Poland such as a fudge over the Gdansk shipyard fine. Must be true if he denies it.

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