Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Only connect

Der Spiegel collects comments from newspapers on various points of the political spectrum and finds that they are all saying the same thing. It ain't over yet. The idea that the Constitutional Reform Lisbon Treaty would somehow get through despite the Irish no is moonshine.

So far the Czech, Polish and German Presidents have refused to sign it for various reasons - though none of them has gone so far as to suggest asking the people. The Social-Democrats in Austria are demanding a referendum.

Of course, the German newspapers do not like that eurosceptics are crawling out of the woodwork but they cannot deny that there is serious disenchantment with the whole European project among the people of the EU. Something has to be done about it. If memory serves right that was the point of the Laeken Memorandum, which resulted in the European Convention, which resulted in the Constitution for Europe, which gave us the two no votes in France and the Netherlands, which made the Euro-elite proclaim that they would now listen to the people, which resulted in the Lisbon Treaty, which has been rejected by the one country that has been allowed to vote on it. Not a success for the project.

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