Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not the Brandenburg Gate

As Clarice Felden on American Thinker points out, Obama's "preposterously narcissistic notion of a speech before the Brandenburg Gate has been scotched by German authorities". Speeches before the Brandenburg Gate are given by Presidents not wannabes. Obama, despite what the British media says, has not even been formally chosen by the Democratic Party to be their presidential candidate though it seems highly unlikely that this will not happen. He has a long way to go to the White House and so far the route has not been easy. Even the American MSM is beginning to criticize him, which is, presumably why he has decided to do a grand tour of abroad to bolster up his rather feeble credentials in foreign policy. That and appointing 300 advisers on the subject. That's almost two per UN member state.

From one of the Deutsche Welle blogs we learn that he will be speaking at the Victory Column with the Brandenburg Gate in the background. An interesting compromise that will give little to anyone except the European members of the Obamania. In the end it is the American electors who will choose their President. This is called democracy, a concept we have abandoned on this side of the Pond. Oh, one more point. No matter what Obama says or does during his trip (and there have already been numerous such trips by Senator McCain), as far as the American foreign policy establishment and analysts are concerned, Europe is of ever lessening importance. Live with it.

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