Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It will outlive Bush

Anti-Americanism in Europe and many other countries (whose citizens will crawl over broken glass to get into that country they so hate and despise) has been with us for many decades. It was not caused by President Bush or his so-called unilateralism, which, somehow, included many allies and supporters. It will outlive Bush, no matter who his successor will be. The Wall Street Journal is trying not to gloat. We are full of admiration for that but cannot help snickering, just a little.

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Anonymous said...

If Obama were to become President then anti-Americanism on the Left would vanish almost over night - apart from amongst a few die-hard anti-globalisation types. In any case, the real reasons the Left hate Bush have got nothing to do with economics or Iraq and everything to do with abortion and homosexuality.