Friday, July 11, 2008

It ought to be quite simple

In one of the freebie London newspapers yesterday there was a tiny paragraph to the effect that "the Government" has suggested that people should be given all sorts of free gifts and big stickers to wear in order to entice them into the polling booth. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a more detailed coverage of the story and, so, do not know which member of HMG came up with this fatuous suggestion.

If they really want to entice the electorate into polling booths, perhaps offering some policies that they intend to stick to might be a good idea. You know, if you promise a referendum in the manifesto then you actually hold a referendum. That sort of thing.

I cannot see that those members of the electorate who took a considered decision not to vote for any of our politicians who have no power to stop legislation coming in from Brussels are likely to change their minds when they are offered a sticker that says "I have voted". Why not a gold star for good behaviour?


John Page said...

Was it Hazel Blears?

Helen said...

Wouldn't surprise me. I'll try to find out and update the posting. If anybody else has the details, please let me know.