Thursday, July 3, 2008

Talking to the world

Europe's World advertises itself as the only Europe-wide policy journal and this may even be correct. I am not doubting their word, I simply have not seen enough policy journals. On the whole, they are unlikely to be on the sceptical side of the divide but they are broadminded.

Witness to this is the fact that the summer issue of the journal, now available on-line, also carries an article by the author of this blog on the subject of Eurostat and opinion. Enjoy.

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John Page said...

"Peace" as a "European value" (whatever that is) may have cut it after WW2 when people may reasonably have feared another war within western Europe. That fear is ridiculous now, & long gone. (Arguably civil strife is most likely to arise from large scale immigration within the EU & from the outside.) Two proposed broadenings of values have different problems. Concepts like "human rights" can imply very different rights in different EU countries. Why would Poles or Italians thank the EU for foisting Swedish or Danish values on them? Another idea is the notion of the thoroughly modern Miliband to turn the EU into an environmental union. But governments resist this when it starts to undermine their domestic political bases and (small detail) it's based on duff science. So what credible raison d'etre *can* be invented for the Union for the protection of French farmers?